About Us

Planting your ideas and dreams, watering it with our dedication to grow efficacious business models.

Who we are

Byte is a boutique web, mobile development and digital marketing shop that specializes in UX, design, development, marketing. We work with startups and corporate to build digital products.

  We're passionate innovators, strategists and developers, and with a strong nag of delivering quality results. We work with clients to develop new products, rebuild older applications, and create prototypes. Mobile application development, Websites & Digital marketing are few areas of our endless interest & passion.

How we work

Collaborate. Analyse. Strategize

Collaborate with key stakeholders, do competitive analysis and create a product strategy

Code. Test. Repeat till Perfection

Create a prototype, validate with stakeholders, start coding, do rigorous testing and create the perfect product

Launch. Service. Delight

Launch product, get market feedback, provide awesome customer service and turn customers into brand ambassadors

Our Core Values

We exceed expectations

Meeting expectation and deadlines is not what we at Byte strive for, We want to blast through expectation and win our customers with our customer service. We know its not just about working on a project its about building and fostering relationships.

We Pursue Excellence

Delivering a successful project takes a lot more then writing a few lines of code. It takes a combination of perfect collaboration between stakeholders, business understanding, analysis, coding, rigorous testing and a lot more, and we understand this.

We foster creativity

One of the hardest things to do is to foster creativity and align that with business goals. We take this head on every day, not only internally but with also with our clients and their projects. Creativity, is the reason we have been able to help our clients grow their business with Digital Innocation.

We Create Fun

Life without fun can feel like a chore. We spend a better part of our lives at work and we understand that, fun is equally imperative. Be it our employees or our clients, we promote a healthy and fun loving environment. Cause if we are having fun then even the most tedious project or mundane task seems less intimidating.


We are always on the look out for Smart, Creative, Honest and Hardworking people to join our team. If you think you’ve got what takes then drop us a line on [email protected]


    Need someone who daily churns up Creative, Intuitive and Awesome Designs  for Web and Mobile Apps, we are looking for you.


    Want to work on that next project disruptive project and strive for perfect code cause you have them testers them give us a holla.

  • Digital Marketing

    If you strive to get that keyword over the hump and have a neck for creating trends via social media, we want to hear from you.

  • Business Development

    Strive to blast through the targets and always willing to through that extra mile for clients, if that sounds like you then lets talk numbers.